Terracotta "Cazuela" Clay Cookware

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Terracotta cazuelas are traditional low-fired clay cookware from Spain.  Similar in shape to a casserole, they are wide and flat and glazed on the inside to retain moisture and cooking liquids.

Terracotta cazuelas can be used in place of a sauté pan or skillet, a paella pan, or as an oven casserole. Terracotta cookware holds a slow and steady heat, allowing foods to cook gently and evenly, and retains the heat when removed from the stove, allowing cooking to continue at the table for a dramatic presentation.

  • Origin: Breda, Catalonia
  • Variety : Rustic Terracotta in traditional Mediterranean colors
  • Recommended use: ideal serving dish for olives, tapas and other Mediterranean pincho, sautéing and frying, and baking Spanish and Latin American stews
  • Formats: 11.5 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm, 17 cm and 20 cm

Certified Organic: Natural clay is our main raw material, abundant and clean element in nature. All glazes and varnishes have been tested and found to comply with the European and International regulations related to the environment. Organic products based on three of the four elements of nature like earth, water and fire. Natural ingredients that cause even less impact on the environment as they can return to its natural state at any time ISO 9001/2000 Certification



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