Terracotta Cazuela Colorful Clay Cookware

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Terracotta cazuela are traditional low-fired clay cookware from Spain. Similar in shape to a casserole, they are wide and flat and glazed on the inside to retain moisture and cooking liquids.

Can be used in place of a sauce pan or skillet, a paella pan, or as an oven casserole. Holds a slow and steady heat, allowing food to cook gently and evenly, and retains the heat when removed from the stove, allowing cooking to continue at the table for a dramatic presentation.

  • Origin: Breda, Catalonia
  • Variety : Rustic Terracotta in traditional Mediterranean colors
  • Recommended use: ideal serving dish for olives, tapas and other Mediterranean pincho, sauting and frying, and baking Spanish and Latin American stews
  • Formats: 13 cm (blue, yellow, pistachio/lime green), 14 cm (red, black)


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