Sweety Pepper Drop

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Small tear shaped peppers, distinct and unique type of pepper that grows in the Highlands of Peru. The sweet and sour flavor makes this pepper exceptional. The pepper seed is a combination of a cherry pepper and jalapeno pepper.  This tiny and versatile pepper is perfect as a topping or garnishing salad and even couscous. Packed with nutrients and Super fun for kids.

  • Origin: Peru. Packed and preserved in Rioja, Spain
  • Varietal: Capsicum Chinense
  • Flavor: Zesty, Sweet and Sour (Not Hot)
  • Recommended use: Pizza toppings, salads, rice, pastas, baked goods, couscous, and as a topping of Bloody Mary
  • Packing and Size: 325 gr (0.72 lbs) net dry weight


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