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Traditional Paella pan for all occasions.  Paella pans are versatile for cooking either on stove top, in the oven, or on top of barbecue grill.  Additionally versatile in what dishes may be made with the traditional paella pan such as all rice dishes, risotto, meats, breakfast eggs and so much more.

Paella is for the world

  • Origin: Valencia, Spain
  • Variety : No rust, no chip, dish wash safe and use on all stove tops, oven, grill, open fire.
  • Recommended use: any and all dishes
  • Formats:
  • 10 cm (small single serve fun decorative or quick prep food)
  • 22 cm (medium single serve fun decorative or quick prep food)
  • 30 cm (4 to 6 person servings)
  • 38 cm (8 to 10 person servings)



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