ZONA Piquillo Pepper from Navarra, Spain pack a flavorful punch if you’re looking for a versatile vegetable.

Healthy and light, our Piquillo Peppers are a unique vegetable that works well in both cold and hot dishes.

These Piquillo Peppers are hand-picked, then roasted in wood-fired ovens, peeled and packed into cans with low sodium brine. The wood smoke enhances the distinctive, spicy-sweet flavor of these small, triangular, intensely red peppers. A flavor so rich that they have become the most sought-after sweet red pepper in the culinary world.

Piquillo peppers

Discover Piquillos' endless possibilities - stuff with ground meats or seafood - cod is a delicious traditional option. Puree with onions and Olive Oil and Vinegar. Mix chopped into bread dough, sauté and serve over pasta, marinate in Sherry Vinegar. Top hamburgers or pizza....the options are endless!

Description: Medium
Use in: Tapas, Stews, Salads, and Pureed as a Sauce
Available Sizes: 3 Kg Cans / 6 per Case (1900 gr / 4.19 lbs Net Drained Weight)
Or 390 gr Cans / 12 per Case

Suggested Spanish Recipe:
Stuffed PIQUILLO PEPPERS with Herb Fresh Goat Cheese in a Cazuela

1. Mix fresh goat cheese with finely chopped fresh chives and basil, Olivar Santamaria EVOO, sea salt and ground pepper.
2. Stuff gently drained (do not rinse) Khayyan Piquillo Peppers
3. Broil 4 stuffed pepper in 17 cm Khayyan Cazuela until the cheese is soft and bubbly, about 5 to 7 minutes. Let cool slightly.
4. Drizzle liberally with Olivar Santamaria EVOO and ZONA Balsamic Vinegar and sprinkle with Khayyan salt prisms and add additional fresh chives and basil.

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