Have a Heart - Artichoke Heart that is!

Khayyan Artichoke Heart

Have a Heart - ARTICHOKE HEART that is!

ZONA Heart of Artichoke from Navarra pack a flavorful punch if you’re looking for a diverse vegetable during these dull late Winter months. Healthy and light, our ARTICHOKES are a unique vegetable option which works well in both cold and hot dishes.

Medium to Small (Baby) with a rounded and slightly elliptical shape

Use in:
Tapas, Stews, Salads, and Purée/Soups

Available Sizes:
3 Kg Cans / 6 per Case

Suggested Spanish Recipe:

1. Drain the artichokes well, turning them upside down and pressing gently
2. Cut artichokes in half
3. Heat 2 tablespoons of Olivar Santamaria EVOO in a pan or dutch oven
4. Add diced Serrano Ham (or a meat of your choice) and halved artichoke hearts
5. Crisp, gently stirring occasionally for 8 minutes
6. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and a splash of Khayyan's Aged Sherry Wine Vinegar

Serve immediately and enjoy!

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