Hungarian Paprika Szeged

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The most authentic Hungarian paprika anywhere in the world.

The peppers belong to the “Capsicum Annum” family and are from the cerasiforme and piper longum sub-species from the heart of the traditional Hungarian paprika growing area of Szeged. The raw material for paprika powder is locally grown and farmed. Raw paprika is aged first to develop sufficient red pigments, then dried and stored until milling to order. Milling is done between three pairs of millstones. Szeged Spice Paprika are of a distinct color, flavor and aroma. Due to the homogeneous grinding, the finest powder is obtained, delicate not grainy. The characteristically sweet flavor of the ground Paprika stems from the condensation that takes place between part of the sugars and part of the pod’s protein content namely the caramelization of the sugar caused by the drying and grinding process. 

This authentic Hungarian paprika has an unbelievably rich flavor, beautiful deep red color, and is the perfect complement to sauces, stews, and braises or as a finishing agent on cold salads, eggs, and vegetables.

  • Origin: Szeged, Hungary
  • Paprika Varietal: Capsicum Annum (Careciforme and Piper Longum) peppers
  • Flavor: sweet
  • Recommended use: fish, chicken, meats, stews, sauces, and cold salads
  • Size: 500 grams


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