Escamas de Sal Marina Gourmet Sea Salt Flakes

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We source our 100% natural sea salt from small purveyors working directly on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The unique nature of the crystallization and harvesting process causes our sea salt to form flakes that have a different appearance, pyramidal prisms, compared to other types of premium sea salt, as well as lower sodium content.  

A must have in every kitchen, the unique flavor and shape of Mediterranean Sea salt flakes brings out the best in every ingredient that it is paired with, and is the perfect finishing agent on meats, fish, salads, and even dessert.

  • Origin: Tarragona Delta, Spain
  • Recommended Use: add during cooking process or when finishing steaks, fish, chicken, vegetables, and salads.
  • Ingredients: 100% natural sea salt crystal flakes.  Does not contain any additives
  • Sodium: 29.9%
  • Size: 700 gr


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