ZONA and Olivar Santamaria® grocery products are based on our success in the large food service sector where our many chefs encouraged us to bring superior flavors and ingredients to retail.



We preserve exquisite fresh vegetables at our plant in Rioja where we tenderly capture nature's flavors. The preserved produce is provided so that home cooks may enjoy the fresh unique flavors all year around in a creative and delicious way.



Our selection of ZONA Vegetable and Legume preserves and spreads come from the Navarrese and Rioja orchards. Asparagus from Navarra, artichokes, tomatoes and piquillo peppers are grown and picked in farms near our facilities so that when they are elaborated none of their properties are lost.

Products with designation of origin and PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) certification, are a proof of quality and flavor to rely on.

Our selection of ZONA Ocean products comprise MSC certified canned and jarred fish hand packed utilizing world renowned fish preserving techniques that Spain has come to be recognized over the past decades.

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