Food Service

Khayyan Specialty Foods distributes over 350 products directly to restaurants, hotels, caterers and sports venues in the New York tri-state and Philadelphia. Additionally, many branded ZONA and Olivar Santamaria products may be found through our distribution network throughout the United States.  Please contact us for details.

Khayyan Specialty Foods is not just an importer or distributor, we are a partner who puts you and your institution where you deserve to be: in direct contact with the source of your ingredients.


Our customers work with us to drive the choice of products, and never have to worry about quality because we use only the best ingredients you can be proud to have on your menu. Through us you have direct access to our farms and facilities, all dedicated to sustainability and wise management of the resources we have inherited from the generations that came before us. 



The Mediterranean is a great cross-roads of flavors, with a long history of providing quality produce to the whole of Europe. We bring you the deep, rich flavors of the regions' terroir and a millennium of know-how informed by Roman, Moorish, and South American traditions and help you pair them with your menu.


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