Molino Grassi Italian Organic 00 Soft Wheat Flour

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Molino Grassi's Organic 00 Soft Wheat Flour is perfect for all your baking needs. It contains no GMOs and no pesticides: it is safe for your family and it has a superior taste and aroma. Try it in your favorite recipes for cakes, bread, pizza, fresh pasta and more; or experiment with new creations. 

The history of the Grassi mill goes back to the nineteenth century, when a Grassi ancestor started milling wheat in a water mill by the Parma river. It was a small and picturesque structure, but soon after starting its operations the increasing demand for product led the Grassi family to expand its capacity. Several types of flour were made: bread, pizza, and pastry. These days, the mill is in Parma, and technological advanced machineries have replaced the original equipment. The original commitment to quality made by the first Grassi family ancestor is continued by his offspring. Molino Grassi is still a family owned company and is the leading flourmill in Italy for organic products.

  • Origin: Italy
  • Size: 2.2 lbs 


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