Khayyan the City State

Khayyan is the ancient city name of Jaen the capital of Andalusia, Spain. The name, Khayyan, is Arabic meaning "Crossroads on the Caravan Route to Elsewhere", defining the significant trade route within this region of the Moors with central and northern Europe between 717 and 1224. Today Jaen is the vibrant capital of the largest and most significant olive oil growing region in the world with its olive trees providing half the total production of olive oil in Spain and 20% of the total production of this "liquid gold” in the world.

Khayyan Specialty Foods is recognized by hospitality groups and other culinary professionals for being the first company to introduce monovarietal extra virgin olive oil on large industrial food service scale in the United States. We led the conversation around an oil's acidity, smoke point and polyphenol count among other characteristics which may influence flavor and expected consistency of certain dishes.

Our advocacy to provide healthy seasonal food freshly packed at source has established Khayyan as the go-to supplier of other high-quality specialty products such as vegetable preserves, spices, vinegars, cheeses, charcuterie.

Our Commitment

We are humbled and extremely excited to be here as we develop health-conscious, artisan products that are ecologically responsible and authentic. Khayyan, due to its integrated platform, is 100% committed to cover all the food service needs from production to customer service and satisfaction.  

Khayyan is not about trends; they come and go. Khayyan is about supplying the most basic of the ingredients, in its integrity. Our line of products is the base of every meal - be it a simple recipe to a more complex composition.

We are dedicated to practices rooted in sustainability. The Khayyan company philosophy obliges us to show the utmost respect for the conservation and protection of the environment.

Our farmers and producers work within an “integrated process in production” which aims to seek and implement the most natural and organic techniques when utilizing our resources. We look to protect our environment, and efficiently extract resources. Not being wasteful. We extend this to our packaging as all our packaging is recyclable.

We limit the use of fertilizers, phytosanitary products or fossil fuels. Biofuel is created by the olive pits and remains of our olive trees to power machinery, plants, and facilities.

In America, we are continuously in our home kitchen and the workspace of our chefs testing products striving to understand how we may improve our product offering. In Spain, we work with farmers and our factory where we translate our findings for the American market to create ways to enhance cultivation, packing, and the presentation.

We pride ourselves on always being conscious of sustainability and the preservation of traditional cultivating techniques.  We prioritize traditional methods of cultivation whenever possible, not only because they promise better tasting results, but because they are better for our health and for our planet.

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