ZONA Ocean Bonito & Anchovy Spread

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This ready made Bonito del Norte Tuna and Anchovy Spread uses carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality bringing a traditional home recipe and amazing flavor to the palete. This spread developed from a combination of cooked Bonito del Norte and Anchovy. Both fish products are MSC Certified, guaranteeing the fulfillment of sustainable fishing practices, traceability and quality. An easy way to brighten up a sandwich, a pre-dinner cracker/Canapé or simply spread on piece of bread for a delicious snack.

  • Origin: La Rioja, Spain
  • Recommended use: dips, crostini, sandwich, crackers, canapes, wraps, bagels
  • Ingredients:  *Products are derived from ecological farming and organic processes
    Bonito del Norte MSC 54%*, extra virgin olive oil*, water, dairy protein (Milk), Anchovy paste MSC (anchovy and salt)*, lemon juice*, salt, acid corrector: ascorbic acid
  • Size: 110 gr
  • A low sodium product at 50 mg per serving


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