Bartender Kit Box with Sassy Spears

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Bartender Kit Box with Sassy Spears is everything you need to create the perfect Bloody Mary cocktail and a snack in one beautiful kit.

1. Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Bartender Mix 32 oz a flavorful (some say the best in the world) Bloody Mary mix in an easy to pour 32-oz cocktail mixer bottle. Like the best bars and restaurants use.  Just add vodka (or your favorite spirit, or nothing at all). Enjoy at home with friends and family. Make it VIRGIN for a healthy and refreshing drink.

2. These Sassy Asparagus spears are everyone's favorite. Crisp, thin, handpicked, and brined. Add to Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix or try them in salads or straight out of the jar.

3. Original Carolina Couch Mix All Natural Crispy Oyster Crackers, Crunchy Giant Corn Nuts, North Carolina Peanuts, and Southern Mojo Seasoning Blend.

4. Bloody Mary Classic Rimmer dressing the rim of your glass with our unique blend of herbs and spices used in our Bruce Julian Bloody mary Mix. 

Made In The USA!



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